Week Two: Flex Tee KAL

Week Two of our Knit-Along is in the bag - but if you haven't started yet, don't worry - more people have been joining us and are just starting out.

This week we reviewed the construction of the garment and talked about stitch markers! One of the many reasons I was excited to host a knit-along for the Flex Tee was the interesting construction, but fairly simple knitting.  Once you have the front and back panels knit, you will need to cast on more stitches for the sides, put in your stitch markers and start knitting in the round!

Here is a little diagram to help you figure out what you are doing. If you are not sitting with the pattern, this may be completely confusing, but it will help you visualize what you are doing:

(Orange arrows represent the direction of knitting.) The instructions have you knit across the back, and place a marker (#1). Then cast on stitches for 1/2 of the left side, place a marker (#2), cast on the other 1/2 of stitches for the left side. Place a marker (#3) as you join the front, and knit across your held stitches, placing a marker (#4) before you cast on 1/2 of your right side edge.  Place marker (#5) and cast on the remainder of your right side stitches, and finally, place a very noticeable marker (#6) for your beginning of round. WHEW!

I would recommend that markers 1,3,4, & 6 be related in color or kind, and that markers 2 & 5 be a totally different color. This will help you tremendously as you navigate the decreases and occasional increases.

Hope you are having fun!