Fern Cowl Kit

Inspired by the hand-stitched aesthetic of Alabama Chanin and the School of Making, Norah Gaughan and MadelineTosh teamed up to bring you the Fern Cowl kit. Featuring a simple lace pattern (that can be extended), delicate and beautiful picot hems, and hand embroidered fern motifs, the kit will help you S L O W down, and enjoy the beauty of simplicity. If you are familiar with Alabama Chanin, you know that the garments produced in their Alabama studio feature hand-stitched details and exquisite textures.

Each Fern Cowl kit comes with 2 skeins of MadelineTosh Wool+Cotton in Plain Cake, and 1 skein in Oak, a hardcopy pattern of Norah Gaughan's Fern Cowl, and a recipe for Alabama Chanin's Plain Cake - a deceptively simple confection.

Only 7 pieces in stock!

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