Honest John Bitters Co

Bitters Sample Set (10 vials)


Ready to take your Porch Life to a new level? Visiting friends at the lake? We are now stocking Honest John Bitters in the shop! A few drops of bitters can really upgrade your lemonade or iced tea, seltzer or even cocktails. Choose from 10 different flavors. Also makes a great gift! Each sample box contains:

• (10) 2 dram dropper vials: Aromatic. NOLA. Orange. Grapefruit. Lavender. Lemongrass Cardamom. Coffee + Cherry. Sarsaparilla. Black Walnut. Limited Edition Flavor.

• (2) Honest John Coasters

• Recipe Booklet

I am going to try the Lavender and Lemongrass in a glass of cold lemonade!

If you are in recovery - this product does contain alcohol.

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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