Evergreen Daily Planner


This Evergreen Daily Planner is an organizer’s dream! Manage your schedule, your mind, and your goals in a uniquely crafted, undated, spiral bound planner. With pockets to hold the things, stickers to put on the pages, and designs to uplift the heart, you’ll be prepared in every way imaginable. And the fact that it’s undated means you can use it as you want to when you want to. It’s true - you actually can have your cake and eat it, too. 

The Details
- Size: 6” W × 9” L
- Printed in full color
- Daily & quarterly review pages
- Gold Foiled
- Undated
- Elastic band
- Spiral-bound
- Imported
- Totally awesome in every way

What’s Inside?

- Daily, undated sheets on 160gsm paper (that’s the good stuff)
Goals and important dates sheet for each month
- 12 monthly dividers featuring inspiring and encouraging illustrations
- Daily, monthly, & quarter review pages
- Sticker sheet full of practical, yet decorative stickers
- Inside, back cover pocket - everyone's favorite thing. 

Only 1 piece in stock!

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