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Stash Blaster 10-dent Loom


This square Stash Blaster®  weaving loom measures approximately 7" x 6 1/2" and yields a finished weaving project of about 6" square.  The size refers to the ends per inch (e.p.i).  The looms come with color photo instructions, tapestry needle, small metal tapestry needle and a cotton carrying bag.  This is a great way to use up yarn, ribbon or fabric stash.  Optional accessories are pick up stick, 3" weaving comb and shuttle.  


  • Warp requires 10 yards of any weight or thickness (as long as it fits in the grooves) yarn, string, fabric strip or ribbon
  • Weft uses about 13-15 yards of sport weight yarn (depends on how tightly one weaves)
  • Weft can also use about 2 yards of 7/16" ribbon or fabric strips
  • Weft requirements will vary depending on the width and/or thickness of material used

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