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Lettlopi is Istex's worsted-weight yarn. Grown in Iceland from Icelandic Sheep, Lopi yarns are full of character and come in a fantastic array of colors. This is not a soft wool. However, fans of Lopi will tell you about its loftiness and warmth without being heavy, as well as its durability. Icelandic Sheep have a double coat - and Lettlopi is made of both grades of wool - the finer, softer inner hairs that provide weightless warmth, and the medium guard hairs that provide durability and Lopi's recognizable texture.

This yarn is made with geo-thermic energy.

Material:                                   100% new wool
Ball:                                           50 g ~ approx 109 yrds
Suggested needle sizes:       US 7 - 9
Gauge 4 x 4 inches:                18 stitches and 24 rows

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