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The Lost Flock


From Viking times to pastoral Highland crofts to odious research experiments, this is the untold, real-life detective story of the remarkable little horned sheep known as the Orkney Boreray and the determined woman who moved to one of Scotland’s wildest islands to save them.

It was Jane Cooper’s passion for knitting that led her to search for rare-breed sheep and their distinctive wool. When she found a ‘lost flock’ of Boreray sheep—the UK’s rarest breed of sheep—it ignited a quest that would ultimately change her life. Uprooting her suburban existence in Newcastle, she embarked on a new adventure as a farmer and shepherd in the faraway Orkney Islands.

There, to her astonishment, Jane realized that she was the sole custodian of the last remnants of a unique group of Boreray sheep, what then became her Orkney Boreray flock. She began investigating its mysterious and ancient history, tracking down the origins of the breed, its significance to Scotland’s natural heritage, and the importance of protecting the Orkney Boreray from extinction.

Paperback, 214 pages.

Chelsea Green Publishers.

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