PLY Magazine

Ply Magazine: 44 Spring 2024

  • Want a sure way to grow your drafting skills?
  • Curious about how yarn structure impacts knitted items?
  • Wonder which fibers bloom most and recover best?

Life is all about growth and so is the Spring issue of PLY! Want to grow as a spinner? Ply has got you covered! The issue covers how to develop your spinning skills, how to systematically grow your drafting repertoire, how to become a fleece judge, how to choose a spinning program for certification, and how to choose a wheel (or a custom wheel). Interested in fibers that grow? It’s in there too! Our talented authors tackle the biggest bloomers in fiber; which fibers recover best after a stretch; which craft (knit, crochet, weaving) springs back the most; how to grow your own flax patch; and how the yarn structure affects knitted items. And there’s more: how to make no-grow socks, how to stretch a little bit of fiber a long way, and how the law of diminishing returns relates to plying. This is a big, gorgeous issue that you don’t want to miss!

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