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Blocking Wires - Worsted


From Fiber Dreams - these no-frills blocking wire sets are perfect for blocking your knitting and crochet projects. Each set contains twelve stainless steel blocking wires, also known as dressing wires or blocking pins. Each wire is made of spring steel, so that it returns to straight after bending, is 3 feet long, and has nice smooth ends that won't snag your knits.  Each wire is long and smooth, and will treat your knits with the care they deserve. Sets come packaged in an attractive, ½-inch acrylic storage tube, with a beautiful frosted finish. Tubes and wires are custom made in the United States to Fiber Dreams' specifications. Both ends of every tube is filed before filling it with wire, so that it is smooth, beautiful, and nick-free.

If you want this item shipped to you, please contact the shop directly, don't order online, as it requires shipping in a tube.

Only 8 pieces in stock!

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