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Schacht Baby Wolf 4 shaft


Available for local pick-up!

The weaving width of the Baby Wolf is 26″. We have two gently used, older looms in the shop that are looking for homes. Please call us for the price, or come in to the shop to see what is available. Listed price is for a new loom.

If you would like a new loom, choose from 4 or 8 shafts, or the 4 Now-4 Later model that allows you to expand to 8 shafts at any time. The Height Extender raises the loom 2″, making it the same height as our Standard Floor Loom, and adds about $200 to the price of the loom. New looms can be drop shipped to your house directly from Schacht for $200 freight shipping, approximately 8 weeks from date of order. **Please note, due to COVID, shipping times may vary.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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