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Cork Notions Case


The Allstitch Studio cork notions pouch is the perfect little catch-all for your knitting tools and accessories. Fits in your pocket or your project bag, so you won’t lose track of your stitch markers, darning needles, and scrap yarn. And it’s not just for knitters — the cork pouch is a perfect coin purse or catch-all for the small items that get lost in your bag or backpack.

Each case is made from Portuguese cork, harvested without ever cutting down a tree. The material comes from the bark of the cork oak, which regrows naturally after harvesting. And it gets better — harvesting cork actually keeps cork forests healthy and increases their capacity to store carbon! A thoughtful gift for thoughtful knitters.

- Handcrafted in Portugal
- Natural cork exterior with a soft fabric interior
- Sustainable & Vegan - 3.5" x 3.5" closed
- Please note that cork is a natural material so variations in visual appearance are normal

To order, please pick a color from the DROP menu below, and confirm the color you want appears in the photobox.

Only 3 pieces in stock!

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