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Linen Wash Cloth Kit


Salus Center Fundraiser alert! For every Linen Wash Cloth Kit we sell, Woven Art Yarn Shop will be donating $10 to the Salus Center in Lansing. We are already reordering yarn as the kit has been met with a VERY positive response before it was even released. 

Six skeins of linen, two very simple linen washcloth designs suitable for beginners. Yarn is held doubled, using two colors to create an opalescent pastel blend that conjurs up images of The Whispering Woods of Etheria - or maybe these need to be in Bright Moon?⁠

First washcloth is all garter stitch. The second is a garter stitch mitered square. You can make a total of 6 washcloths with two colors held together. You *may* have enough for a 7th using all your leftovers.

US 7 20" circulars recommended for the mitered square - preferably a metal needle with a nice pointy tip.

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