Making Stories

Making Stories - Breeze


BREEZE is the second book in our European Nature series which combines ethically and environmentally-friendly made yarns with modern, minimalist knitwear designs. All yarns used in our European Nature series are sourced and processed in Europe.

Designs by:

Armenuhi Khachatryan, Elizabeth Tubman, Emily Greene, Imke von Nathusius, Joan Forgione, Morgan Capestrain, Rachel Brockman, Rebekka Mauser, Solène Le Roux, Stella Egidi, and Verena Cohrs

Yarns by:
Blacker Yarns, Cambrian Wool, De Rerum Natura, Dibadu, Ginger Twist Studio, Lino Mūka, Sherwood Yarn, Tulliver Yarn, and Vänö Ull

Contributions by:
Ani Lee, Caroline Frett, and Ruta Sluskaite-Dittmann

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