Ashford Handicrafts, Ltd

Merino Sliver Sample Pack


This dreamy and HUGE sample pack of Merino Sliver from Ashford Wheels and Looms includes the full color range from Ashford (61 different colors). This 22 micron very fine wool made at Ashford's very own Woollen Mill in the South Island of New Zealand, home to over 30 million sheep. They only select wool that has high bulk, is clean, has good length, is free from breaks and from sheep that are free from mulesing. 

Each box includes about 375 grams of Merino Sliver fiber and a coordinating color chart with more information about the colors and Ashford wools. This is a super special gift for the spinner, felter, or weaver in your life. We love this pack for folks that also like to play around with blending their own fibers to make batts for spinning and felting.

Product of New Zealand.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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