Mouche & Friends

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Mouche and Friends: Seamless Toys to Knit and Love by Cinthia Vallet

by Cinthia Vallet

Cinthia Vallet’s debut book includes patterns for 12 knitted toy animals, along with their garments and accessories and their stories. Cinthia’s toy-making process is unique and totally seamless, founded in her love for sock knitting; if you can shape a heel, she believes, you can also shape a little creature directly on your needles. All the members of her little menagerie (Mouche the Bear! Henri the Orangutan! Agi the Sheep! Billie the Raccoon! More!) are knitted with natural fibers and worked in the round, starting from the nose and knitting down to the feet, using a fascinating process that "grows" the toy rather than building it.

Mouche and Friends is meant for knitters of all kinds and all levels. Cinthia walks her readers through the necessary techniques step-by-step, using clearly illustrated tutorials that make the knitting easy and enjoyable. She also shares tips on working small circumferences, choosing yarns, and preparing a toolbox for toy-making.

“With this book, I’d like to offer you a poetic break that conveys the spirit of childhood; an enchanted digression where you allow yourself to dream and play,” Cinthia says.

Hardcover. Print only. No digital download code available.

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