Pom Pom Quarterly

Pom Pom Quarterly No 47


Pom Pom has always been a celebration of color in knit and crochet form and this issue is no different. PPQ loves color so much that often they try and get as much of it into each piece as they can, but for this monochrome-themed  issue they wanted to see what could be done with fabrics that used more subtle tonal differences within a single hue, or closely related ones. 

In this issue, the designers played with depth, saturation, and brightness; maximum impact with minimum contrast.

In addition to the projects we have an interview with Dana Williams-Johnson who answers PPQ's eager questions about her PhD dissertation that centres around knitting and representation of Black women in the online crafting community.

 This issue also have a winter-friendly recipe by Fi Churchman.

Featuring designs by: Sara Ottosson // Rebecca Clow // Alessandra Gropazzi // Alexandra Liang // Tetyana Vyazovska // Marie Régnier // Fiona Alice // Catie Robbins // Jesu Camus // Allison Lutes

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